New web site coming soon

I have now completed a series of three books (averaging 90,000 words per book) that bring multiple disciplines into philosophy and theology.

After publication, I will update my website to complement the books. You can read the long introduction to the first book, "Manifesto for Harmony", by clicking on the pdf below.

UPDATE: 10th August 2016:
I have now uploaded "Manifesto for Harmony - Three Essays for Peace on Earth" as an e-book on Amazon Kindle:

You can purchase it for £4.49 on

Or $5.49 on

I will upload the other two books as e-books within a fortnight, and then I will work on the printed versions of all three books.

I am a member of the Green Party of England and Wales, and, like all my colleagues, I am passionately opposed to "Fracking", and the UK Government's plans for all-out fracking of England. (Scotland, where there seems to be less Selfservatism and a better national sense of care for all communities, has banned fracking on health grounds, as has New York State, the very place where the fracking method was invented, patented and licensed.) Here is my paper on the subject, based on my professional experience in the life sciences: